Medical Gas System

INSPITAL central gas stations are designed to supply continuous medical gas from the cylinders to hospital pipeline. Electronically controlled manifold system reduces the cylinder pressure to required level. Each station controls one primary and one backup cylinder racks and switches between them without interrupting the continuous flow.

INSPITAL offers complete solution for the medical gas system of hospitals. All the system consist of medical gas generators, manifolds, pipeline system, area control units, alarm systems, monitoring screens and the final gas outlets in Operating Theatres, ICU’s and patient rooms.

Vacuum is an essential requirement of the supply system for medical gases in hospitals. INSPITAL develops and manufactures fully automatic, stable and highly reliable vacuum stations which are used to aspirate airways in the operating theatres, in ICU and in regular patient rooms.

INSPITAL Area Gas Control Unit is manufactured to provide isolation of individual floors of medical gases in the hospital. Area Gas Control Unit includes all features required by the EN ISO 7396-1 and HTM 02-01 standards. Isolation may be required for installation, maintenance or in case of an emergency.

Medical Gas Pipeline System Installation In Hospitals

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